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Dr. Robert Valet is a nationally recognized expert on alpha gal allergy (google “Robert Valet MD alpha gal”!). In this unusual food allergy, which is very common in Middle Tennessee due to our high tick burden, patients become sensitized to the carbohydrate group galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha gal) due to bites from lone star ticks. Because alpha gal is also found in red meat, patients present with allergic reactions following consumption of red meat. Call 615-212-3012 if you need to schedule a consultation.

Alpha gal allergy is unusual because reactions frequently take longer to appear following consumption than other food allergies, and may not occur if very small amounts are eaten, making diagnosis more challenging. If you think you are reacting to red meat, or if you are having unexplained allergic reactions, we can help!

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