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Abnormal Moles

What exactly are abnormal moles, anyway? In our office, we biopsy (test) any moles that are changing and/or are irregular in shape, size, color, and texture to allow our pathologist to evaluate them under the microscope.

Our pathologists determine if the mole is truly abnormal under the microscope, and then ranks the mole as mild, moderate, or severe. Mildly atypical moles are often just observed over time for changes. Moderately atypical moles may require surgical removal depending on their characteristics. And severely abnormal moles are considered "pre-melanoma" and are always surgically removed.

Because melanoma is an aggressive skin cancer, with high risk of metastasis and death, we are serious about educating our patients regarding the risks of abnormal moles, and also strive to emphasize the need for daily sun protection.

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